W H A T   M A K E S   M O D U L I N K   T H E   B E S T ?

  • We are a New Zealand manufacturer with over 27 years of experience
  • We make anything you want
  • We are dedicated to finding the best solution to any problem you have
  • Local manufacturing minimises our carbon footprint
  • We assemble quality products and install faster
  • We deliver ahead of time
  • All Modulink designed products come with a 3 year guarantee
  • We are the most knowledgeable industry experts and you have our support



Modulink have been working closely with furniture designers and can now offer screen partition design systems, in conjunction with Modulink’s own work station designs.

Recognising the place of technology in the modern office provided the opportunity to supply spaces that allow a streamlining of functions – access to networks, printers, USB connections, data and phone lines and all other requirements of a personal workspace. This led to the designs featured in the Modulink workstation designs.

Adaptability is fundamental as the continuous ebb and flow of an office is one of the many keys to its success. The freedom to choose screens with whiteboards, pinboards, glass and shelving means there is no work environment
that cannot be made more functional. Availability in any size means that every available space in an office can be utilised, be it an open plan design, individual workstations or clusters.

Our objective is to design innovative, quality, versatile and durable office furniture that is easy to install and dismantle. Our range of contemporary office furniture products are designed to incorporate the latest ergonomic principles. Most are 100% recyclable and can to enhance every work environment.


    Modulink have all the high tech production equipment to handle large-scale fit-outs and refurbishments for businesses such as hotels, motels, hostels, bars, cafes and apartment buildings.

    We can work within existing designs or create new designs for room layouts, reception, meeting
    or entertainment areas. Our project and design staff will work with you to build mock-up rooms for projects that comprise production runs of the same components.

    Attention is paid to fine detail and potential design faults eliminated by this process.


    Modulink offer a full range of quality seating and desking.

    The seating range includes a large variety from student to executive to conference and meeting, all shapes sizes and ergonomically friendly.

    Our desking options range from student to height adjustable


    Modulink manufacture kitchens under the “Moda Kitchen” brand,

    Check out our website for the different styles www.moda.co.nz .

    Our solid surface acrylic benchtops are the most cost effective available in New Zealand that look and feel like stone.



Desk and Seats

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